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Air Force One — the Art of No Deal
February 27, 2018, 9:13 am
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A year ago #DealerDonny claimed that he reduced the price of Air Force One by a billion dollars. The military responded that they have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Fact-checkers pointed out that many of the claims #DopeyDonald made were non-sensical … Boeing is the primary contractor, but the actual jets (yes there are two) are only 20% of the price of the government-run, government-specified program.

Latest news is that under Trump’s watch the cost of the program has continued to balloon. Meanwhile, Trump needs two refrigerators to keep his Diet Coke cold and he managed to talk the price down to $24 million. I mean, it is *two* refrigerators after all.

And it is #DealerDonny. He had those federal subcontractors right where he wanted them, and he named his price. What a year it has been!

My Head Exploded Again
February 27, 2018, 8:44 am
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#DodgerDonny would have run into the school to save … someone else’s children? Does anyone else think that this is quite unlikely? The man who consistently surrounds himself with tall muscular people, who is loathe to shake dirty hands, who hides behind his guards when the crowd is NOT wildly enthusiastic, and who tells his goons to clear out the protesters would ever put himself in danger? It is bizarre that a man who should have been at the peak of his health during the Vietnam War found five excuses not to go be a hero, somehow now as a dotard thinks he is Rambo and he would charge a killer with an assault rifle using his bare hands. LUDICROUS! Here are two real-world heroes, who both say only an idiot (unarmed, or armed with a pistol) would approach a killer with an AR-15. Note, they both served in the military. Note, one is grievously wounded *because* he is a hero and dismantled dangerous bombs.

Brian Mast

Anastasia (don’t know his name, but a vet who can write!)

The AR-15 is only slightly modified from a real military weapon of mass destruction and murder. It is so well-designed that children can fire hundreds of rounds quickly, rounds designed to destroy human flesh (note — you don’t want this when hunting). It has little recoil, so a weak coward like Nikolas Cruz can change clips and fire hundreds of rounds without breaking a sweat (note again — this is NOT good for hunting). The AR-15 can fire much further than a pistol, and can fire much more lethal ammunition, so only an idiot would charge into the fire.

I guess we know that our delusional #BoneSpurs is an idiot. Not only did he choose not to serve in the military, he disparages true military heroes who HAVE run into fire (see one Senator John McCain, one of the few heroes admired on both sides of the aisle). #DodgerDonny doesn’t read, and the two American hero veterans above will never appear on Fox News, so he is only going to hear the empty echo chamber of applause from governors afraid to ask: “WHEN, in the history of time, have YOU Donny EVER done something brave and courageous?” Maybe cheating on a pregnant Slovenian felt like walking on the wild side to you? We remember that you said that STDs were your personal Vietnam — I guess you were often coming under fire then?

Your false bravado when reflecting on what you would have done in this circumstance, when you have spent your entire life avoiding any dangerous circumstance, is offensive to anyone who has ever demonstrated courage. #DodgerDonny is the Terrible Lion, afraid of his own shadow but able to growl fiercely when there is no danger. Donald Trump is no match for Nikolas Cruz.