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What’s for dinner? Sessions
January 23, 2018, 9:19 am
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I miss hearing from the #TrumpMinions now that they are all afraid of indictment. We used to get regular helpings of #NothingBurger meals from the Trump infants, and apparently they were warned that their obsessive denials were being recorded for later use. That June letter claiming that the Russian lawyer really only wanted to discuss adoption sorta fell flat, and apparently #DodgerDonny’s role in crafting that particular lie has attracted attention.

So, #GrilledSessions was on the menu last week. You have to wonder how Liddle Jeff goes to sleep every night, after watching a Democrat take his Senate seat. You have to wonder how Jeffie toddles off to work every day for a man who clearly loathes him, and whom he clearly fears. I can see how Cohn or Mnuchin suck it up every day, as they believe they are making the world safer by holding their nose and pushing for what they believe in (whether I agree with them or not), but I really don’t understand how Sessions can push forward every day in the toxic waste dump that he has enabled Trump to create. When so many executive orders are held up in court, and illegal Presidential directives fly every day (you can’t really claim “client-attorney privilege” simply because you binge-watched Judge Judy), it must be hard to try to push forward. When once a week your boss makes some hysterical claim via Twitter (often libelous, attacking last year’s candidates or our last real President), you have to wonder when Jeffie is going to realize that every day he sells his soul for Trump he is that much smaller inside.

#MinorityTrump, or #FakePresident, managed to achieve a government shutdown in less than a year. The only legislation passed in that year borrowed $1.5 TRILLION from US citizens, or about $5,000 per person, and the GOP is celebrating that the average family is going to get a $200 tax savings this year. I know the math is inexact, but if the average family of four is willing to take a $20K loan out to get $200 / year in savings, public education has failed us. The deficit grows, we will owe more in interest (and we will owe it at a higher interest rate), and even that $200 per year goes away in less than ten years. The deficit does not go away.

Hopefully #DodgerDonny will go away before his term is up.

One last observation … if #DodgerDonny was not healthy enough to represent in Vietnam, is it even remotely possible that he is (his words) the “fittest person ever to be President”? It leaves one to ask, was he lying then or is he lying now?


PayPal has lost its way
January 23, 2018, 9:00 am
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It appears that the last live person at PayPal forgot to hang up the phone when they left. Try to call their customer support line (their “recommended” option), and you’ll find a 36-minute wait. I did leave my number, asking for a callback that I missed.

The great news (if you are PayPal) is that whatever artificial intelligence they have applied to their robo-calls approved my (nonexistent) request for PayPal credit. In a terrific turn of events, they even invented a new email address for me.  I was obviously thrilled to get a letter in the mail, dated the day of my call to the support line, notifying me of my new account.

I called the number on the letter, despite my suspicions and our family’s recent experience with fake credit applications (thanks Experian!) Apparently PayPal Credit is a profitable business line, as they can afford to have chipper support personnel answer the phone. She was dismayed to hear that I did not want my new credit account, asked if I had contacted the police about identity theft (COMMITTED BY PAYPAL!), and was unwilling to accept my explanation that someone at PayPal clearly got a commission by opening a credit account for me. Whoever did so entered a bogus email address (yes, they were creative: GEORGEJAQUETTE@GMAIL.COM), which would presumably be unique in their universe. But this chipper agent was not interested in understanding the real root cause, and I am sure that a similar warning signal was rung thousands of times at Wells Fargo before it all blew up in their faces.

So … I will note that I am really sorry to see how PayPal has rotted in place. While other payment services grow and evolve, PayPal is rooted in 1994. When I needed to change ownership for a non-profit account four years ago, I was SHOCKED to learn that they insist that you fax all of your personal information to some closet in Connecticut, and that they lose it repeatedly while denying your request. Of course they get to keep money in an account no one can access (until they have to give it to the state), and they have no incentive to help anyone gain access to that account. But asking customers to FAX their most personal information into the void that *is* a fax number is just insane, without any guarantee of privacy or security.

So, if there are any live people left at PayPal hear my warning: PayPal’s¬†customer support folks are opening fake credit accounts, and you should revisit your compensation system to figure out why.