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Stumbling towards misery
January 5, 2017, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Foreign Policy, Politics

We all know that elections have consequences, and many of us have been waiting for the Trump shoe to drop. It is hard to react to Tweets, since many contradict each other and are intentionally vague. But it is clear that we have elected a petulant buffoon who is going to antagonize our potential allies with his 140-character burps late every night. It is hard to accept that the leader of the free world views Julian Assange as a more credible source than … the heads of every US intelligence office.

Trump has chosen to antagonize just about everyone, except Putin. He has insulted career diplomats and intelligence officials, fought against the party establishment, and pissed on just about every precedent from modern history (1. Keep your mouth shut during the transition; 2. Treat those in power with some respect; 3. Accept decades of established wisdom in China and Israel until you really have a plan). It is time to say … gee, Donald, until we see your tax returns and understand your conflicts of interest we are going to oppose you every step of the way.

How can anyone accept Trump’s assertion that Julian Assange (a traitor, liar, and fugitive) could be the source of information so valuable that Trump can say “I know things no one else knows!”? The clown elected to lead the circus is now bringing out the spotted dog and calling him a hyena. We know Assange is a duplicitous traitor LIVING IN RUSSIA, protected by Putin. How can anyone (even a buffoon) think that this exiled traitor is a more reliable source than the many paid professional intelligence officers in the US government?

It is time to be afraid of Trump, and to figure out what opposition is most effective and least disrespectful. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. A wealthy American could choose to fund every suspended lawsuit against Trump ever filed. Bonus points for buying the true story behind any settlement with a gag clause (where Trump pays someone like Ivanka not to tell her side of the story);
  2. Gloria Allred should file twelve sexual assault charges tomorrow. The Republicans established the precedent with Bill Clinton (a sitting President who had to sit for depositions over Paula Jones), and the Democrats need to develop the guts to use the same razor against Trump.
  3. FORCE Trump to reveal his taxes. Offer a reward to Guccifer or Assange for posting recent Trump taxes online, even if he trusts them to couriers with wax seals … someone has them.
  4. FORCE Trump to divest his holdings, or sue him (more precisely every member of his extended family) every day for conflict of interest. Each meeting with a foreign leader should result in a new lawsuit; each seat at the meeting with Silicon Valley titans should have been rented out at $400M per seat, the Trumps owe $1.6B (and are again, bankrupt).

That’s all the anger I can muster tonight. Trumps BS this week about his secret sources and insider knowledge being revealed as Assange is a bridge too far. Who can defend this buffoon, and why do they keep trying? I really hope that he collapses like Sarah Palin did, and just resigns so we can move forward without him.

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst-



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