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I am sick to my stomach
November 8, 2016, 10:19 pm
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Trump is going to be our president, defying gravity and common sense and every political poll that I have been following for six months.
The man is a misogynist, racist, hate-filled buffoon. He has consistently answered any challenging question with “trust me” — no plans, no details. He has more personal bankruptcies than a third world nation, and a sad personal love-fest with a dictator from Russia.
I cannot believe or accept these results. Since Hillary has not been claiming that the election is rigged, we have to accept that American voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan want Trump as their president.
From my perspective in California, this is the worst outcome of any election I have voted in. I am embarrassed for our country, as we offend Muslims, Hispanics, and women by electing this troglodyte (a nice term for a lesser evolved human). I am embarrassed for our country to my many friends around the world, who have counted on the US to be a sane refuge of intelligent democracy.
My lone strand of hope is that Trump will be in jail and unable to take the oath of office — what the Republicans sowed for Bill Clinton is equally toxic for Trump today. A dozen rape allegations, two lawsuits over Trump University, and very apparent tax fraud (remember, that’s what put Al Capone in Alcatraz) is going to take the Donald down. The vote apparently wasn’t rigged enough, but the people who know how to work the system are going to move into real action.
I personally am repulsed by everything Donald Trump stands for and has said, and I apologize to my friends around the world for the way our democracy works. I will do what I can to undo a surprising and upsetting outcome. The schaudenfraude resulting from this election in no way offsets the horror I feel in watching an unqualified buffoon become president.
Ugh. Let’s hope for better in 2017, when we have a new election.


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