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A week later, some perspective
November 14, 2016, 9:17 am
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We have spent a few late nights with friends, sharing drinks and perspectives. It has been helpful to hear what others have heard from friends and family, and to get the salient summary of things they have read.
Brett Miwa offers a great summary here, which is well-written and informative. He points out that a majority of white women opted for Trump, which is something I had not realized.
Interesting observations from others include concern about the death of the Voters Right Act, with significantly fewer people voting in certain states that tried hardest to restrict voting. The drop in participation was greater than Trump’s margin of victory in every swing state, and fewer people voted for either candidate than voted for Romney four years ago.
The Democratic party has suffered the largest ever loss of power during Obama’s reign — more Republican governors and congressmen than ever before.
The last time the Republicans had complete control (under George W), we ended up with the Great Recession and two un-funded wars. A surplus in 2000 turned into a huge deficit and fiscal meltdown by 2008.
Yet we are one nation, undivided. This statement from the California Democratic leadership leaves me wondering how they can ignore the voice of the nation, and why they cannot look at the blue / red split by county in our own state and recognize that our neighbors share the same frustration (for varied reasons) that so many others do around the country.

I noted last week that Bush’s reelection in 2004 left me speechless for many reasons. A week of listening to new voices and perspectives has led me to accept that many are not living my happy life, and their concerns are urgent and painful. While some of us can lament global warming, some are unable to find a job that they want or which will do more than pay the bills. One paycheck or injury away from homeless, burning coal doesn’t seem all that bad.

We’ll see how Trump rules, which starts with the team he names. We may find that he has the courage of Lincoln, and that he recruits a team of rivals to field an awesome cabinet. Maybe he can renegotiate deals that have changed the world, despite his party’s commitment to those principles of free trade and open markets. Perhaps unleashing innovation in education will work this time.

We owe it to democracy to give Trump a chance to succeed, and I sincerely hope he does.


I am sick to my stomach
November 8, 2016, 10:19 pm
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Trump is going to be our president, defying gravity and common sense and every political poll that I have been following for six months.
The man is a misogynist, racist, hate-filled buffoon. He has consistently answered any challenging question with “trust me” — no plans, no details. He has more personal bankruptcies than a third world nation, and a sad personal love-fest with a dictator from Russia.
I cannot believe or accept these results. Since Hillary has not been claiming that the election is rigged, we have to accept that American voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan want Trump as their president.
From my perspective in California, this is the worst outcome of any election I have voted in. I am embarrassed for our country, as we offend Muslims, Hispanics, and women by electing this troglodyte (a nice term for a lesser evolved human). I am embarrassed for our country to my many friends around the world, who have counted on the US to be a sane refuge of intelligent democracy.
My lone strand of hope is that Trump will be in jail and unable to take the oath of office — what the Republicans sowed for Bill Clinton is equally toxic for Trump today. A dozen rape allegations, two lawsuits over Trump University, and very apparent tax fraud (remember, that’s what put Al Capone in Alcatraz) is going to take the Donald down. The vote apparently wasn’t rigged enough, but the people who know how to work the system are going to move into real action.
I personally am repulsed by everything Donald Trump stands for and has said, and I apologize to my friends around the world for the way our democracy works. I will do what I can to undo a surprising and upsetting outcome. The schaudenfraude resulting from this election in no way offsets the horror I feel in watching an unqualified buffoon become president.
Ugh. Let’s hope for better in 2017, when we have a new election.