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New World Order
September 18, 2015, 11:15 pm
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The Russians are sending their best military weapons to Syria, on a new base that they are building. They support Assad, who clearly does not have the support of his country and is supported by terrorists. His military is dropping crude bombs on civilian populations — enough to REQUIRE humanitarian intervention.

Yet we do nothing. We have the most powerful military on the planet, without question. We could disable Syrian air defenses (as we disabled Iraq’s) and we could shoot up Russia’s most recent weapons — tanks, airplanes, and artillery. Let’s do it.

Should we do something? The shock and awe part of 1991 was real — we can kick anyone’s ass in the short term. We do NOT need to risk lives at Benghazi or Mogadishu, but we should consider when a concerted Air Force attack can level an opponent. As they could in Syria.

Sadly, our presidential candidates are not having that conversation. They are debating the size, cost, and composition of a wall with Mexico … our largest trading partner and key friend in rationalizing manufacturing expenses. I do not understand why we would alienate such a close friend when there are real problems to address. Reagan gave citizenship to 3 million; we accepted far more when Ireland was in trouble. Why does anyone have a problem accepting sixty-nine thousand kids who made it across the border?

More soon. George