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Yet another Comcast rant (YACR)
October 9, 2014, 8:52 pm
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So, it’s just after dinner and everyone is settling down into the activities that help them sleep. I go to check email, but .. no internet service. I pick up the phone to call Comcast — the number is 1-800-581-3734, they go to great lengths to hide that number from their customers — and I learn that our phone service is out.

So, that vaunted triple play … is really three outs, no runs or hits. I can’t call 911. I can’t check the status of my order online. I can’t do ANYTHING.

So, I call. Fortunately (?) I have AT&T phone service, so I am able to call Comcast support. Of course you find a dizzying IVR (interactive voice response) tree there, designed to prevent you from actually speaking with anyone. I finally do reach someone (wilma) who wants to help. After answering ten questions, she informs me that she only does TV, not internet or phone. So much for the triple play. She transfers me to someone (Gary) who can supposedly help me with the broken internet service.

It takes a while for Gary to answer, and I get a recorded message telling me that service is out in my neighborhood. This *is* the service that I pay for to get 911 response.

After a long conversation with Gary, who feels bad for me, I ask him what he can do for me with billing. He says he is empowered to give me one day’s credit, and admits it is not much (around $5). I ask him if the irony is lost on him that I am calling on AT&T to reach customer service, since the phone service he provides is down … the irony is not lost on him, but he works for Comcast. The best he can do is a $5 credit. I feel sorry for Gary, who has no power and works for a crappy internet service provider .. so rather than being mean, I just say “yes, I know it sucks to try to sell an inferior product…”

We hate AT&T equally, and when Comcast works it is great. But honestly … no phone service? The technology to provide backup phone service is available, proven years ago — so this just counts as incompetence.

/rant off

I hate communications service providers who oversell and underdeliver. When there is a wireless carrier that is NOT dependent on cables and wires, I’m going there full stop without concerns.

For now, Comcast sucks and I’m expecting them to miss their eleven minute window to call me back with a status update. Gary confirmed that they have already missed their first ETA, and didn’t sound confident that they would reach any new one.

My wife and I have coined our own new acronym — POP-y, (pronounced “poppy”) for prickly-old-people. We are short on patience with bad drivers, annoyed by bad customer service, angry about ISP outages … life is just one long inconvenience when you get old. If you are POPY, raise a fist and curse at the darkness — it won’t get any better without you!



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