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When things get medieval, where do you hide?
September 2, 2014, 8:58 pm
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I read with horror about the atrocities being committed in Iraq and Syria today, yet is is important to recognize that this type of terror is being visited upon countries (and tribes) in Africa and on religious groups in Asia regularly. Heads on spikes recall a terribly bloody past, but child soldiers and rape as a tool of war are little better.
So, what should the US (and the “civilized world”) do? We can’t be the world’s policemen, as we have tried that and it doesn’t work. We can’t just ignore human rights abuses and slaughter, but we have done so for years. Srebenica, Rwanda — scars on our collective memory. Yet already I have forgotten the sect that was persecuted on the mountaintop by ISIS, and already I am weary of the bickering in Washington DC on whether we can drop bombs without an authorization of war.
Therefore, yet another modest proposal. Why can’t we allow (make legal) a volunteer army, along the lines of the French Foreign Legion, that can go to war against enemies of the state. Give them some guidelines and some rules (they should not be pirates, the enemies should be recognized as enemies), and let 10,000 volunteers shuffle off to Iraq and Syria with the best weapons they can afford. Let them demonstrate their prowess on the battlefield, let them wage war against the enemies that we cannot (or choose not to) fight.
There are downsides, of course. Blackwater made no friends in Iraq, and rogue soldiers make bad nation builders. But if we just want to put people on the ground who want to fight to the death against “evil”, it seems like a reasonable proposal.