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How bureaucracies steal from the masses
March 25, 2014, 9:11 am
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I have had two incredibly frustrating experiences with big companies recently, an insurance broker and a bank. In both cases, the big companies can hide behind poorly paid workers who never answer their phone and don’t do email. The bank and the insurance broker can create ridiculous business processes to make it impossible to get a deposit back or an interest payment waived, and then can tell the government that they have an entire department set up to serve the public.

My current favorite is Charity Watson, at the euphemistic Office of the President and CEO for Bank of America, NA. What was once a wonderful California-based bank is now an international bureaucracy, hiding behind 1-800 numbers to ensure that they never have to actually speak with anyone. Their online payment system does not work as advertised (according to their own customer support organization), and consequently BofA rang up interest payments on our credit card. Calls to complain generated promised refunds that never materialized … Charity swooped in to reverse them, since it appeared that two different agents had credited our account and she “fixed” that, never to be heard from again.

It also seems like the older I get the less willing I am to just say “oh well”, which is odd. We are supposed to get wiser with age, and with wisdom comes perspective, and with perspective comes a little more “oh well” capability. Yet as I get more perspective, I see that these banks and insurance companies prey on the busy and the poor — they don’t care that their website doesn’t work, because they make more money. They don’t care that you can’t get your deposit back, because they get to keep the money. They *intentionally* make the process work poorly, because they benefit.

I am organizing a phone-a-thon for Charity Watson, at the Office of the CEO and President for Bank of America NA. Please call her at 1-800-218-6670 x213212 to ask her what their policy is about refunding incorrect interest payments. Really.

Something thoughtful soon. A friend in the military asked my opinion about bullying, and I have been ruminating on that for a month. It’s never good to ruminate for a month. But I promise the blog will be better as a result.



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