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Never trust a man…
March 27, 2012, 3:46 pm
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WC Fields was quoted as saying “Never trust a man who doesn’t drink”, and it seems relevant to the upcoming election. W gave up the bottle before he was president, and took chances with people’s lives a bit cavalierly. Romney doesn’t drink by way of religion, yet feels the need to rattle a saber and threaten Iran and Russia. I read that Barack likes a cold beer, and that he is genuinely affected by the burdens borne by our military (and he does greet coffins and disfigured veterans, and writes to the parents of those who make the ultimate sacrifice). I am not saying that drinking makes you thoughtful, but at times it seems that those who don’t drink are judgmental and self-righteous (and perhaps feel a need to swagger when they really shouldn’t).

Another common meme is “never trust a man that doesn’t like dogs, or that your dog doesn’t like”. I think dogs and horses are keen judges of character, and one thing that they have in common is that they allowed themselves to become domesticated. That would seem to favor the animals with good taste or instincts over those who chose badly (pick the right person and you are a pet, the wrong person and you are a meal). We have two dogs who seem to like everyone, so I guess I don’t have a good filter right now.

WordPress encouraged me to post another message, so I can hit an arbitrary target of 80 (okay, I assume they have some logic for picking that target… but it has taken me seven years to get to 79, so don’t hold your breath!). This is it — low calorie, zero content.


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