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Aging parents and aged parents
March 1, 2012, 3:50 pm
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The Sandwich Generation is defined by two burdens borne at the same time: taking care of your aged parents while raising your own next generation. We have two kids in elementary school, and two elderly parents (one in a retirement community, one living at home). We are the salami, the mustard and the cheese in this sandwich and at times feel pulled pretty thin.

We waited until late in life to have kids, which creates this inevitable situation. Of course we have more resources, more experience, and more perspective … but as we lose our flexibility, as our eyesight worsens, as the accumulated years of wear take their toll on our knees, it is easy to think “gee, this would have been a lot easier ten years ago…”

How old or how mature does a kid need to be to appreciate the Washington Monument or Yellowstone? A friend told me about a vacation with a kid to a spectacular natural park, and the kid’s favorite (or only) memory was the waterslide in the hotel. Yes, it was a nice waterslide. But I expect that they will have to make that trip again some year. I hope to take our kids to see national parks, monuments, and historic places. I will take pictures, so when they question my (admittedly aging and failing) memory I can back up my story.

Non sequitur — this promises to be a fascinating year, both in American politics and in world power politics. What a collision of coincidence that we have Syria on fire in a civil war, Romney and Santorum leading the race for Republican candidate, and Iran and Israel about to face off! Throw in a change of leadership in North Korea and in China this year, and it appropriately screams “Year of the Dragon”!

More soon on social media and big data. Not ready to actually type down what I am thinking, but I have been noodling on both recently.



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