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Leap year
February 29, 2012, 9:33 pm
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I am making a career change that should allow me to put more of my thoughts online. That prospect is exciting to about three people, so here’s to you!!
I am planning to take six months off to spend more time with my kids, and to plan an awesome road trip around the United States with them. I have had the great pleasure of visiting every state in the US, and have been to most of the National Parks that others talk about but never visit. I want to instill the love of a road trip in my kids, and to show them the Route 66 that the movie Cars ‘celebrates’. We want the kids to see the Grand Canyon up close and personal, and to know what a mule smells like after a few hours of hard work. To put a hand in each state of the Four Corners, for the classic family photo.
Having time to plan also means having some fun. Watching Robert Redford’s video about the Grand Canyon now, so it means something. Watching Geronimo, and understanding the mixed heroics and confusing legacy that the final American Indian at war with the United States left behind. Watching a movie about the Alamo, and understanding where the western states came from (and who Jim Bowie was!)
We are fortunate to live in a big, beautiful, and largely uninhabited country. We are looking forward to 4th of July in a small mid-western town (yes, in Wisonsin) and to seeing Yellowstone in a measured walk rather than a rushed run.
If you know of an American site worth visiting, share with me! No guarantees, because my aspirations are huge – the Ho Rain Forest to Gettysburg to the Kennedy Space Center, getting there via Bryce Canyon.
Yeah, we do have two months to do it. But that’s only sixty days, and I want more!