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Splash? Buzz? How does it pay?
October 12, 2011, 6:54 am
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What does a press release really accomplish? Why do we spend so much time and energy to create “buzz” that is inherently hard to measure? When I create a blog that has Romney and Perry in it, I’ll get a bunch of irrelevant hits (people who are sorry to have landed on my blog). But that is exactly the aim of many press releases, and PPC investments. Why? What search term brought you here? I know all six people who read what I write, so I apologize if you don’t deserve that. But who are the twenty people who visited my site when nothing changed for three months? Really?

Politics, Christie, Romney and the field
October 12, 2011, 6:30 am
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It feels odd to read about the Republican debates with a detached amusement, rather than with any real concern or interest. Chris Christie endorsing Mitt Romney … four days after Saturday Night Live mocked exactly that event… seems too weird to take seriously. Watching one conservative ‘savior’ melt down after another is just too easy to celebrate, while the true Milquetoast candidate (reference: takes on the mantle of leader conjures up visions of fake elections, fake choices, and cognitive dissonance.
We the people say that we want less government, while demanding more services. We don’t want to pay taxes, even though we pay the lowest percentage of our incomes out of all Western economies (yes, even Greece pays a higher effective marginal tax rate than we do). Yet we want to project our power around the globe, beat our chest about our military (we spend more than the rest of the world combined on ‘defense’), and we complain about crowding in our schools.
We are due for a wake-up call. People around the world work harder than we do, they pay higher taxes than we do, and they are waiting in line to attend our colleges and universities. They are willing to try very hard to have what we take for granted, and the times are changing. They may get what we have, and they may create it at home rather than moving here to have it.
America is still number one in so many ways that it is humbling to list them: best military, biggest economy, most effective business environment, most transparent government, best educational system. But we are blind to our weaknesses, and they are equally real: biggest deficit (dollars, not per cent), slipping educational accomplishments, and declining investment in infrastructure (roads, R&D, education).
Who can turn it around? Certainly not Rick Perry. Obama is stuck, at a time when he controls two branches of the government. We vote for paralysis, and we have it. My advice is that we actually tell our representative government to work together, rather than reflecting our personal dysfunctions. Make us brush our teeth and take our medicine, rather than promising us candy we can’t afford. I’m tired of the BS of pushing bills onto the next generation, and I am more than willing to pay my fair share.
Real suggestions: tax us at least as much as Greece is taxed. Bring our soldiers home quickly — not rashly, but quickly. We should evacuate Okinawa, leave Rammstein, vacate Turkey … it is a new world, and drones are more effective than aircraft carriers. Land one on the latest Chinese launch, with a message: don’t f**k with us. Game over.
I love America, I am a proud American, and I just wish we could debate real issues (and not HPV vaccinations or the “death tax”). Let’s grow up and fix our country, rather than pushing it off to the next generation.