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Oh yeah. Obama
July 3, 2011, 12:04 am
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I have to admit that I really enjoyed the President’s presentation at the correspondents dinner. He eviscerated Donald Trump in a masterful way, worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit. He turned the birther movement into a stillborn movement in one slick jujitsu move, worthy of his intelligence and education. Where is _that_ Obama now, with Boehner painting him into a corner and Pakistan making a mockery of our billions-plus investment?
I read too much, and I read the wrong things. Somehow I can listen to AM radio, read the NY Times and Times Magazine, occasionally ingest Vanity Fair, and still read the occasional book (“The Irony of Vietnam — the System Worked” is sitting on my nightstand table!)
I hope that Obama can grow into the leader who challenged the status quo in 2007 and 2008. I fear that Obama has become weary of the fight exactly when we need someone willing to sacrifice nice for effective, to trade the country’s future against his own political future, and to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. Taxes have to go up, benefits have to go down, and subsidies have to disappear over time (yes, even ethanlol). We have to bring our soldiers home, we have to accept that other countries will do what we have done (nuclear weapons, navies included) and we have to be honest about our friends — Pakistan is a rotten friend, and we are in too many fights defending Israel. I believe in projecting strength, and I am proud of my nephew who served three terms in Iraq — but I am anxious to get out of no-win situations defending people who don’t like us and fighting people paid by our “friends”. Obama scored a knockout against Osama, and needs to refute all in Pakistan that supported him. Start by cutting off our $3 billion lifeline — seems easy enough to get their attention.
We could do a lot of good in the world with 150,000 armed volunteers — but we are not doing it in Iraq or Afghanistan. Let’s help Mexico and Sudan, and see where the chips fall in Afghanistan.


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