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December 9, 2010, 5:20 am
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All right, it looks like we (those at the top of the economic pyramid) are getting a tax break! Whoo hoo! Except that I think I am taking this tax break at the expense of the very same children that I am coaching, and from my very own children. I think that I am taking this tax break from the soldiers fighting in the Middle East, and their children.
What exactly am I going to do with the payroll tax reduction? I already max out my 401K, take advantage of the mortgage interest deduction, and have no short-term debt…so I guess like other wealthy people I will save this money. What would happen if I gave the same $2000 away at a BART station tonight? It would be spent four times by Friday. I think that might be a better way to get the economy restarted.
I had such hopes for Obama. And I still think he is smarter than I am, and that he is right. But I would sincerely like to see him sucker-punch Boehner on this and force a straight-up vote — tax breaks for the middle and lower class only, or NO BREAKS. Face him to “man up”, as a Republican would-be Senate candidate called out … put the hypocrisy to a vote.
Where is Sarah Palin on the deficit? I guess it’s a “bond to nowhere” that our kids have to pay off.


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