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January 24, 2009, 5:33 am
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Already I am happy to witness what leadership means in the new administration. Barack showed up at the end of a tough day to THANK the press corps for their treatment of his new press guy.

Imagine that. A boss who has your back, and actually will work to make your job easier. Hard to contemplate in the world that I work in.

Leadership is the art of getting a group of people moving in the same direction, in pursuit of the same vision, because they think you know what you are doing. Mel Gibson did a great job of capturing that in Braveheart — not presenting himself as a talented saviour, but presenting himself as someone with the needs of the common man (Scots) as his objective. People followed him into battle, and into death, because they believed in the vision he painted and believed that he himself would die trying to deliver on those commitments.

So much of our “new” economy is based on shallow, temporal commitments — hired hands, not the sons of the founders. So much of our “new'” economy is based on indirect ownership and returns — not on people. So how surprised should we be that the head of an investment bank (Merrill Lynch) gave out billions that weren’t his days before the company disappeared? It’s painless cowardice, and an absence of leadership.

So…think back. What leaders in your life shaped your world, and your perspective? Who really mattered in your life? Send them a letter (or an email) to say thank you. Leadership is sometimes seen most clearly in the rearview mirror.

And to George W Bush, who “hopes” history will be kind to him, I’d like to say: you were a terrible leader. The vision you promoted was based on conviction rather than facts, on wishful thinking rather than experience, and on denial rather than introspection. Good riddance.

Go. Be a leader. Share your vision. Please!!



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