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Pets and the places they fill in our souls
January 14, 2009, 10:59 pm
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Happy New Year to everyone! We decided to amplify the noise and confusion in our world (two small children are the definition of noise and confusion) by adding a new variable to the equation. We adopted two dogs from an animal shelter in San Francisco, who were left behind when their owner sold the house and moved out of the country. The realtor who sold the house brought the dogs down to the shelter, and he believes that the older female (maybe six years old) is the mother of the younger male (perhaps four years old).
They came to our house as Stacy and Simba, names they clearly had never answered to. Stacy became Tracy, and became Sadie, in less than a day. Simba was christened Catcher almost immediately.
They are fantastic dogs, and get along as well as I have ever seen two dogs get along. I have only had a dog once before in my life, and she was a once-in-a-lifetime dog with many wonderful traits but with an uneasy relationship with our children. She was wracked with lymphoma and cancer at the end of 2007, and left with her dignity intact.
These dogs allow the kids to do anything that they want (mostly hugs, pats, and some inexpert brushing) without complaint, and they follow anyone in the family from room to room with a dog-smile and a tail wag. Sweet, quiet, well-mannered, housebroken … just great dogs.
We swing between being thankful for having them and being sincerely puzzled as to how anyone could leave behind two members of their family (and these dogs were clearly members of a family). I think that I would work very hard to send my dogs to live with someone I knew if ever we faced true hardship, rather than just closing the door on them for the last time as I drove away. Staggering, in its own way.
New year, new pets, new leadership in the White House … I am excited and optimistic for the year ahead.
Kids with dogs
Kids with dogs

More substance next time. For now, enjoy your family and embrace the new year. Embrace your extended family, and include in that embrace the animals that you love that fill the holes in your day.


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This is so great! I’m so excited to see so many new parents in 2009 who instead of going for the “easy” way of buying pets decide to adopt homeless ones — those in real need of a loving home! Best to you and your family and hope Stacy who later became Tracy and later Sadie, and Simba who is now Catcher bring joy and happiness to you and your family in the new year! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Karina A.

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