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Politics, small companies and relationships
March 26, 2008, 8:12 am
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The latest news is basically “when will Hillary admit that she can’t win?” That’s where I started two years ago. I am pleasantly surprised that I like the alternative, Barack Obama — not a perfect candidate, but a very good one.
If you haven’t watched his YouTube video about racism and the effects of racial polarization in the US today, it’s worth your time. I’d include a link, but that would be insulting to the intelligent — if you want to view it, you can find it.

Relationships — fascinating to watch the evening news to hear that 25% of our high school kids are infected with sexually transmitted disease (okay, a common virus). Short of granting them all Mother Mary exemptions, and not believing that for 100% of them a single encounter resulted in a STD, you’d have to assume that more than half of them are … having sex. Can you even act surprised??

It is funny how much two small children can exhaust you, to be honest. I used to have time to update this blog, and to stay in touch with many people. Right now the only reason I have time to type is that my 2-year-old daughter cried in the middle of the night…which is gratefully a rare occurrence.

I’ve fallen out of contact with a few good friends — maybe they read this blog. It’s tough to trade emails every six months and think that’s good; it’s hard to schedule time to talk. The feel-good answering machine messages help (they at least have a sound), but they are still somewhat bodiless.

Enough? I really miss my dog, and love my kids and my wife and my friends. Life is complete, my job is interesting and challenging, but I still miss my dog.



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