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January 25, 2008, 1:24 am
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I had an eerie experience cutting and pasting something out of Google, which caused my keyboard to reverse the characters I was typing…when I typed Backwards, I got the title above.

That scared me, so I quit the window. But WordPress had kept the draft, with that title, and I think it’s much more interesting than “Been A While”. The last post was backwards, and I’ll try to focus on forward now.

American presidential campaign has provided some wonderful comedy and drama, and I have enjoyed the lack of domination in what could turn out to be a competitive election in which the candidates have to actually communicate to their OWN constituencies what they stand for. Rather than the formula of the past few years (pander left or right, then swing to the middle to be electable) we may actually see each party define itself more distinctly than the platform statements. Huckabee picked apart the threads of the Reagan coalition, and Hillary and Obama are dissecting the support that Democrats get from the less-privileged citizens that are often taken for granted by their party. I’m happy to say I haven’t given any of them a dime (caveat, I believe in public campaign financing so John McCain and John Edwards may yet qualify for the dollars from my tax return), and have not been drowned in television advertising because California is so expensive and they have been focused elsewhere. I hope whatever happens that we select a leader that the world can respect, and who respects the world.




Been a while
January 25, 2008, 1:18 am
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I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have thought about getting back into a blogging mood, and just not followed through. The more time passes, the higher the activation energy required to write a new post. The more that happens, and the less topical one can be, the harder it is to put fingers to keyboard. So, I’ll share my quick backwards look.

I changed jobs. I left a company with many thousands of employees, and went to a company with tens of employees. It is very different, and very comforting to be able to contribute in so many ways and not to find five people in the way each time you want to do something new. I miss many of my friends, and some of the comfort, of the old job … but I am very happy in the new job.

 I had to put my dog to sleep after thirteen years, a beautiful and loyal and gentle animal that I miss deeply. She came to me by way of a friend, who found her soaking wet running along a country road as a puppy. Sadie was my first dog, and really my only dog — and she taught me what a dog can be, and set the bar way too high to consider getting another dog anytime soon. She was riddled with lymphoma, and had stopped eating and drinking. Deafness and arthritis didn’t dampen her enthusiasm for life, but having some huge tumor crushing her stomach and distending her organs just took the light out of her. I hope that my friends and family have the courage to put me to sleep when the time comes, and that they don’t wait longer than they should. I strongly believe that we all owe it to our pets to give them the dignity in death that they have earned in life, and I am really glad that I was able to enjoy every day of Sadie’s life and did not have to resent her final days.

A close family member found out she had breast cancer, had surgery, is going through chemo … and is doing great. Treatments are so much less awful than they were even ten years ago that it makes breast cancer more survivable and less disastrous. She is religious, kind, giving and I have to believe that she deserves and has earned the reward and recovery she is experiencing. Karma — she’s done many great things for others, and deserved a break on this one.

Vacations have been fun, and were the original reason I fell of the blog bandwagon. Another summer where I made it fishing in Alaska (, swimming at Lake Tahoe, and vacationing in New York with four other families / close friends. Just spent a week in Hawaii with the family, and managed to do absolutely nothing in a beautiful place. Really great trip.

So a topic on my mind is how we understand ourselves, how we manage to see ourselves through others’ eyes and how we can get perspective. It’s too easy to like yourself, and too easy to be critical of yourself — how do you find the right balance or appreciating the good, and focusing energy on changing the bad (as perceived by you or by others)? New Year’s Eve resolutions are a notorious waste of time (witness any mob scene at any gym in January, compared with the calm of February) — so when should we be introspective, self-perceptive? How do we commit to change, and become better?

No promises, but I hope to write more than once every seven months.