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Are blogs depressing?
April 30, 2007, 6:57 am
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The NY Times today (Sunday edition) Week In Review (worth $4 all by itself) cited multiple references to Tom Sawyer regarding the current business model of user-contributed content. At the same time, a good friend found my blog and asked if all blogs were sad. I’m thinking these two thoughts are related!?

If the cost of entry to publication is being able to type, the bar has been lowered considerably. No one read your journal in high school (if you kept one), and only one person read your letters (if you wrote them). Now, any idiot (including me) can commit their thoughts to a server, published immediately for anyone to read. Is that progress? Should it be happy?

For what it’s worth, we as a civilization are enjoying a period of prosperity that exceeds any prior period — when taken as a reflection of how well the WORLD is doing, not any one country. There are more people living well now than at any point in history, and less systemic subjugation than at any earlier time (there are more people living free, and those people are living well). So rejoice, and consume. Recognize that Malthus was wrong (we didn’t starve to death as population grew), and that the things we worry about may not matter in the short-term (who will miss a genus of salamanders, really?). But please also recognize that worrying about the future is the only insurance that we have that we won’t reproduce the past. Rome fell, China turned inward, the British empire collapsed when overextended. What can we do to make the world a better place — for everyone, and for the world itself? That’s the real challenge of the thinking person.

Latest crazy idea — a solar-panel-powered CO2 extractor that produces ethanol, which floats in the ocean. Cheap, no input required (other than sea water), and produces a valuable commodity — even at a drip a day, over time it can reduce the CO2 in the environment more effectively than trees, and will be economical to harvest. Can I get a patent via blog these days?

Enjoy every day, enjoy every smile. Read the Ralph Waldo Emerson post lower in this blog if you want to feel good — and then be successful in your own life. Make someone’s life better, make a child smile, leave a garden. But please do something, everyone!



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