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April 9, 2007, 4:45 pm
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So we are all drowning in media, brought to us by many channels and organized for us by many appliances. Most of it is noise, yet there is more signal available today than at any time in history — and no one has created the right bandpass filter (or screen) that selects the signal from out of the noise, and gives us that crisp feed we want to read, listen to, and watch. A friend sent me an email with a few links in it that caused me to think (and I believe that to be a good thing :^), and I decided to share that here.

This is the famed Robert Scoble’s list of “great things to watch” that are available as viewcasts online:

A blog about how the plethora of options online will displace commercial distribution of media:

A funny sendup of the evening news (or “evening noise”):

My reaction:

I understand Scoble & the blog post, but I think the blog assumes that  the average American is more technically capable (and promiscuous) than they really are. Most people (like my mother, and probably yours) don’t use DVRs even if they have them. People reading this blog are not typical (no offense intended, but my readership is small and mostly like me). Most people are perfectly happy to have their news (and their crappy shows like Dancing With the Stars) pre-selected and pre-fabricated for them. They _want_ the pablum the TV networks serve, or they wouldn’t eat it. For all of us who really enjoy NPR when we drive in the car, very few of us listen to it at home. So I don’t see the world turning away from its increasingly niche programming via TV, and I expect that some of todays webcasts will (when rated sufficiently, that band-pass filter that doesn’t yet exist) cross over to be broadcast on TV. That’ll be the first time my Mom sees “What We Call The News” — when it’s a trailer on NBC news, with a “push 196 to watch the JibJab channel”.



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