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April 8, 2007, 11:26 am
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emersonsuccess.pngYes, three posts on Easter. It’s early, I’m alone (sleep possesses the rest of my posse), and I am behind on thoughts I wanted to put down.

How do we / society / your family define success? My mother told me in high school she didn’t care what I did with my life as long as I enjoyed it and was good at it. Not useful advice, but very supportive.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote the enclosed definition (haven’t figured out the image editor yet, but the picture is here somewhere). I like it. Put it in context with your own life, and hold that thought when you hear on tonight’s news that someone’s 18-year-old son died in Tal Afar yesterday when an IED / EFP destroyed their lightly armored Humvee. They have paid the ultimate price, made the grandest sacrifice, and Tal Afar is no better for our loss. I sure hope we’re done there in less than 15 years, and have learned how not to do this again. I read that we have spent $400 billion and climbing, and oil and electricity remain more scarce and expensive today than when we invaded. Remember the promise that Iraq would be self-sufficient financially from oil revenues by now? and instead we are importing gasoline at $7.50 a gallon to drive thousands of tanks getting gallons per mile, and the Iraqis are waiting in long lines to buy stolen gasoline from the militias (who are funding the above IEDs and EFPs with this gasoline revenue).

I’m planting a garden this week. I’m calling it a corporate-free retreat week. And my kids smile a lot, so I think Ralph would be happy with me so far.



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