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Small World and Iraq is in it
March 20, 2006, 7:06 am
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My nephew comes back from Iraq this week. He’s in the Marines, and has finished his third engagement over there. Given we just ‘celebrated’ the three-year anniversary of the invasion, that means he spent 21 months out of 36 in-country. He was there for the good times in Fallujah, just described in detail in Newsweek last week (the 3/20 issue). Sure feels like Vietnam to me, and I barely remember it — replace My Lai with Agu Ghraib, the SVA with the Iraqi army, and tunnels with deserts. What a waste of $200B and what a way to destroy the finest fighting machine that the world has ever seen (US military, 2000).

 As a nation, the US gives about 0.12% of GDP (that’s right, a rounding error on tips given in the US at restaurants) in foreign aid…and most of that goes with conditions. So it’s remarkable that we have spent $200B in Iraq, and their country is producing less oil and electricity than the day we invaded … I can think of a few better ways to invest $200B.

 18% of Americans approve of Dick Cheney. I wonder if the buddy he shot in the face is one of them?

 Too much politics makes me sad. Back to basketball.



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well, montana made the NCAA. Can I get a hoorah? – Is that my Nephew as well? or just yours?


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