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Corporate quicksand
March 9, 2006, 7:45 am
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So it’s probably pretty obvious that I work at a big company, a software company that advertises its efforts to matter online.

I spend a fair amount of time thinking, as an individual, about how to make a difference. Occasionally these two things collide.

Our company gives us four days each year of paid time off to volunteer with any nonprofit (some restrictions apply, your mileage may vary). Through this program I have gotten involved with many great nonprofits — and may be one of ten employees who actually spend more than 32 hours a year doing volunteer work. BUT… the committee which is supposed to encourage this (giving back to the community) is populated with people who don’t do volunteer work. They are willing to collect used Jeans, but not to meet real people; to recycle ink cartridges, but not to put food on a plate for a homeless person. Where does “wanting” to do something good matter? and where does it become “doing” something good?

 If you had $10, would you give yourself a T-shirt celebrating your efforts to volunteer…or would you give $10 to the nonprofit, to do with as they need to?

 George Jaquette


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Hi george,

You wouldn’t happen to be related to me, and the other Glen would you? (GAJ, and GIJ).

Just wondering. Nice blog sir, I actually have one as well. 🙂

Comment by Glen Ivan Jaquette

Hey George!

This is a voice from your past. Liz M from SGI! I have a blog myself. I’d love to chat. I’ve been wanting to catch up.


Comment by cityzenjane

SGI!!!! no way… like the 3d Super Computer Company?

I heard its near chapter 11…but you’ll bounce back!

Comment by Glen I Jaquette

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