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What’s it all about?
January 25, 2006, 4:18 am
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It’s been a while since I updated my blog, and I have grown older and wiser. The two things don’t always go together, but we often hope that they do.

A vacation with family (and I’ve taken two recently) seemed fraught with danger. You never know when someone’s odd behavior or quirk (including mine) can send an evening sideways. And you expect that family tension will spill over, ruining a vacation. But this year it didn’t happen that way, and we really enjoyed time away from home with family.

 Getting old is a b_tch. My mother fell down and cracked her pelvis, and that has caused all kinds of family soul-searching. Can she recover? Can she care for herself? How much help does she need, and how should we pay for it? It’s the classic sandwich generation struggle…my 19-month-old son needs me every bit as much as my 70-year-old mother needs me, and I can’t do both things well. How do you choose?

 A friend invited me to join a group of males in a Men’s Group, which is a new concept to me. I’ve been on sports teams (usually captain or player-captain) all my life, but I have never really shared feelings or emotions with other men. The niche that was once filled by the Elks, the Eagles, the Moose, the Lions (notice a pattern … extinct or endangered?) is now filled extemporaneously, casually, by initiative of one or more men who are realizing how empty their spiritual lives are. I’m oddly drawn to the concept, even though for the most part I am reluctant (afraid?) to share my feelings. I am very hopeful that this group will turn into a team of people that I trust, and can share with — that would be growth for me.

So Karl Rove is meeting with conservative bloggers, and he says he reads their posts religiously. I can only hope he stops here … I have no respect for the man, as he is a bloviating politician who has all his life run from real responsibility and hid behind the cloak of stronger men, men who he makes stronger. Why isn’t he in Iraq? or anyone he has ever known? He thinks he has a higher calling, but my nephew is in Iraq and he’s barely old enough to drink. I wish Karl could spend one week hunkering down in Fallujah, trying to sleep while mortar shells fall all night and detailed to burn human waste in large fuel drums… it would be oddly fitting for someone who has spent his life shelling innocent opponents, stirring sh_t rather than telling the truth.

Enough politics. What do we owe our children? If they are 18 and screwed up, are we responsible? What can you do besides investing time in them and hoping beyond hope that they are paying attention and care what you think?