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Holidays, Black Friday and traveling
November 30, 2005, 9:16 pm
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I read today that the Pilgrims landed on the east coast in December…talk about bad planning. No wonder they were not ready to live through a winter, and lucky for them that they were accepted by the locals. I have to contrast that with the wall we are building along the Mexican border, and the leaky boats we tow back out to sea coming from Cuba. Last century we were accepting huddled masses, even if we put up signs telling them not to bother applying for jobs or seeking an apartment…but our goal now is to keep everyone out. Was there a point in time where that conscious decision was made to STOP being a nation of immigrants, and to hunker down with the folks who had already made it here?

So our current celebration of the Pilgrims’ feast includes mosh pits at Walmart on Friday? Is that a concise summary of where the world has gone, or what!

A few friends have recounted their terrible ordeals traveling this past week to visit family. Late November in the midwest is unpleasant quite regularly, so I think we might as well shift Thanksgiving up to September. If the real date was in December, and we moved it to avoid the religious holidays, would anyone really be offended if we pushed it into a better time for travelling?

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