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Matalin and Carville
October 21, 2005, 2:26 pm
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We go each year to hear a series of speakers talk about their areas of expertise, and are fortunate to live in a highly populated wealthy area…so the speakers are nationally recognizable.

Mary Matalin and James Carville, the odd couple of political advisers, spoke at the series this week. I was incredibly disappointed. She spouted opinions, spin and half-truth for forty-five minutes; he did bad standup comedy for fifteen. The Q&A session was similarly lopsided, with a off-the-hip Carville monosyllable and an off-the-topic ramble by Matalin. She was clearly aware that the crowd was more blue than red, and resorted to a monologue / filibuster instead of a truly considerate presentation / discussion.

Carville presided over some of the closest, and most interesting, elections in the past fifteen years. He didn’t say anything about that. He did tell two hoary jokes that he probably heard in a bar fifteen years ago, and didn’t say ANYTHING controversial. It’s a pity that he doesn’t present the true side of his wife’s story, but that would require that he LISTEN to her…and he doesn’t. They both used the same bad joke (“Someone asked Ray Charles what the worst thing was about being blind. ‘You can’t see’ was Ray’s response”), he by accident because he clearly doesn’t pay attention to her.

 Anyway, I was truly disappointed. As a socially liberal fiscal conservative, I’m incredibly disappointed by our current government. As a thinking person aware of our role in the world, I’m appalled at our interactions with other governments. As someone with a relative in the military, I’m saddened by the loss and destruction that the armed forces have gone through — from the best fighting force in the world to a group hunkered down in bunkers slinging scrap metal on the sides of our newest troop transport, the Stryker, because it doesn’t work … in the most likely environment for us to be fighting in for the next ten years.

The good news is that I went to speak at a high school about engineering, and was really thrilled to interact with a bunch of intelligent kids who care about their careers. Not my typical volunteer experience, and a lot of fun.




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I was at a fundraiser where Paul Begala spoke… same ol’ bs. Snorfle snorfle snorfle, lots of in jokes, blue jokes for blue staters –YAWN – We have a planet to save – you tool. That was my brush with power and let me tell you- it confirmed my worst suspicions about what priveledge and access can do to a person’s perspective — or lack of….

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