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Commercial podcasting
October 1, 2005, 1:57 pm
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I can’t help but notice that companies have started rushing into online conversations(Adobe is blogging here, Cisco is podcasting here among many others) and it’s vaguely reminiscent of 1998 when every company in the US rushed to put up a useless web site and to build an ecommerce portal. If ten times as many people will read a blog about shared experiences on a ferry than will read a blog about a product used by two million people, what’s in it for Adobe (or Cisco, or Intuit, or IBM, or…) to bother writing commercially-focused blogs?

It seems to me that the motivation for blogging is closer to the drive to keep a diary than it is the drive to have a job in PR. To borrow a metaphor Julie Leung used at Gnomedex (her blog here, we all decide what mask we want to wear online — and from my perspective the PR folks are always trying to decide what mask would fool us. From the genuine (we’re sharing our inner thoughts) to the manipulative (we’re trying to affect your inner thoughts), from the subtle and open to the devious and deceptive, it just seems like a guaranteed failure. Communist propaganda never had a wide readership, and well-written newspapers with little paid distribution have become hits.

Just my thoughts for this morning.



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